Random: Fan Makes Jigglypuff Smash Bros. Montage To The Can-Can Music


It’s Monday morning, it’s typically chilly and rainy (at least, it is where we are), and the thought of dealing with yet another working week is probably bumming you out. However, it just so happens that we have the perfect antidote: a Jigglypuff montage made to ‘the Can-Can song’.

Shared by Reddit user u/dudumeister, this video is the perfect way to kick start your week (seriously, we’re considering using this as a morning workout routine). It stars Jigglypuff, obviously, as it launches itself around the stage kicking everything in sight, all perfectly in time to the music. In case you were wondering, the music isn’t really called ‘the Can-Can song’; it’s actually a piece known as the Infernal Galop, written by Jacques Offenbach for the classical operetta Orpheus in the Underworld. Perhaps this humble writer’s music degree wasn’t a complete waste after all.

Anyway, we’ve shared it for you to enjoy down below. We’re not sure we’ll ever look at Jigglypuff in quite the same way.

We’ve already started to dream of the possible music montages that could be born with more Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters. Go on, internet. We dare you.

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