CD Projekt RED’s Geralt Ronin Figure is Officially Available to Purchase Online


In CD Projekt RED’s initial roll out of its store, the company unveiled a gorgeous Geralt Rōnin figure. Finally, the figure is available to purchase and ready to ship. Fans can buy theirs from either the publisher’s European store or North American marketplace for $229.

To celebrate the collectible’s launch, CD Projekt posted an unboxing video. If the video is anything the go by, the figure is just as stunning as the photos made it seem. See the unboxing video in the following post from the publisher’s official Twitter page:

As you can see, the new collectible depicts Geralt in the role of a Rōnin, a Samurai lacking a master. Standing 12 inches in height, the figure bears plenty of striking details. In the video above, a wolf etched into the pommel of Geralt’s katana specifically receives mention, for example. The impressive piece also comes with two different heads for the monster hunter, both of which appear intricately stylized.

No doubt, much of the praise-worthy craftsmanship is due to each figure being hand-painted, modeled on a color scheme designed by Jarosław “Camelson” Drabek. This award-winning painter has lent his talents to other CD Projekt RED products, too, including a Limited Edition bust of Ciri also available to purchase on the webstore.

Recently, CD Projekt opened preorders for an awesome Cyberpunk 2077 bomber jacket. Priced at $98, the jacket is expected to begin shipping sometime in December 2019.

[Source: CD Projekt RED Store]

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