This is your annual reminder to play Skeal this Christmas


Miseltoe and wine. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Hanging up your stockings on the wall. Children playing, having fun. Giving someone your heart. All these and more are sung about as signs Christmas is coming, yet these ancient tunes miss the greatest modern marker of Christmas: me posting about Skeal, reminding you to play this classic-to-be. Wrap up warm, strap on your skis, and hit the slope. From this height, you might just see the graying tower alone on the sea.

If you’ve not yet played Skeal, hie thee to Itch to download it for Windows or Mac. Creator Nick Cummings now even lets you slam on your cybergoggles for a VR version. It’s free.

So you’ve played it now? Alright, good.

I still adore Skeal. Five years after I first asked “have you played Skeal?” on RPS I’m still asking that question when chatting with someone about games which have one joke and commit to it hard.

I’ve surely seen The Snowman over thirty times at Christmas. I’ve seen Elf at least ten, Trading Places too. I’m delighted to have Skeal join my annual traditions. Maybe it’s joined yours by now too, especially if you find yourself with new people to show it too. Just plonk ’em down in front and let them experience the power, the pleasure, and the pain.

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